Cloud Foxes

cloud fox turned

Cloud foxes were never actually discovered in the wild, but my pet Cloud fox, Cloudy, told me a lot about them and her childhood. Cloud foxes can float in the air because of their light weight:  – 200 grams! They are extremely fluffy and sooo cute! In fact, their cuteness makes hungry predators want to eat something else!

Cloud foxes come in mostly light colors: yellow, pink, white, lime green, pale blue, gray, silver, and golden. One of the most interesting facts is that they put their own saliva on their heads so they can hang onto trees! Cloudy says that she doesn’t know why; she just craves to do that for some reason.

Cloud foxes have not been seen much ,but a yellow one, named Nina was found wandering around Egypt in 1,000 B.C. in a pyramid .The most exciting part of her life is when a little Egyptian girl found her buried in the sand after a bad storm. She asked her mom if she could keep it. And until the girl was about 80, they did everything together.

Some people think Cloud foxes are good luck. In China, they are thought of as magical creatures that can grant wishes. In Canada, they are known to be a sign to restaurant owners that they will earn lots of money. If one crosses your path in India and you’re very poor, that means that you will become very famous!

greta cloud fox turnedIf you try to surprise or capture a cloud fox, it starts to cry. It starts to look really cute and sad. It makes you feel really bad for it and you start to cry. It makes you let it free.

Well, now I think you’ve learned a lot about cloudfoxes. Good bye for now. And remember, even though they don’t exist, you can still believe that they are real!

By: Greta Reichenbach

Greta was just 8 years old when she wrote this charming story, which was published in our sister magazine, ScreaminMamas. We were so enthralled, we actually thought Cloud Foxes were real! She transported us… wonderfully done! Greta is now in the 5th grade.


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