Going to Kentucky…



teenUgh! I cannot believe them.

How could they be so selfish? So rude? So insane? Yea, that’s what they are. Insane. Insane to think I’m going to move to Kentucky!

What’s in Kentucky?

I can’t imagine leaving my two best friends. I always had dreams of going to high school here in New York. Long Island is my home, my life – and my parents want me to leave it all behind? You’ve got to be kidding me.

From now on I’m putting myself out. They want to take away my life? Now I’m going to take away their sweet, innocent daughter.

I’ll wear hats, shades, scarves, hoods… no ones’ going to see me in Kentucky! They want to change where I’m living? I’m going to change who I am.

I’m not ready for Kentucky. I want to stay here, in New York, forever. Kentucky is definitely not ready for me.

This was a monologue written as a scene for the stage by Jasmine, a 13-year-old, 7th-grader. The prompt was internal conflict, something many writers struggle with. However,  Jasmine met the challenge with great success. 


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