Christmas Contest

This contest is open for children and teens ages 5 through 17.

We want to know about Santa!


So dive into your imagination and see what you come up with. Winning entries will be published either digitally or in print. (Submit below – 1500 word max) Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • What year Santa was born?
  • What was his birth name?
  • Does he have any brothers and/or sisters?
  • What are his parents’ names?
  • What did his parents do?
  • Did Santa have a favorite pet growing up?
  • What’s his favorite food?
  • What was the name of the town in the North Pole he was born in?
  • Where did he go to school?
  • How did he come to be Santa?
  • How did he meet Mrs. Claus?
  • What made him want to give gifts to all the girls and boys?
  • What was the first year he delivered gifts?
  • How did he find all his reindeer?

Have fun!!!


Tell us your StoRy!

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