teensLittle Miss is designed for young girls and boys, teens and young adults to explore their minds, showcase their talents and learn about social networking.

The vision started for the GirlScouts by a troop leader who also taught Sunday School, Writing and Young Actors Theatre for over a decade. The idea was to develop an outlet for young girls and teens to express themselves in the form of writing, art, illustration, broadcast, media and theatre. Today, the site is open to girls and boys of all ages.

The goal is to help build confidence, esteem and help nurture talent and creativity by helping to network with other like-minded individuals. We are developed with the help of Harmoni Productions and ScreaminMamas.

If you have a short story, poem, short play, illustration or artwork that you would like to be considered for publication on our site and/or in our magazine, please submit below, use our StoRies page, or email us directly at harmoniproductions@yahoo.com. All rights remain that of the individual submitting, ALWAYS.


Tell us your StoRy!

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