God’s Hands

gods hands

Written and Illustrated by 15 year old Brandi M. Brandi loves poetry and art and plans on majoring in art when she is old enough to attend college. She also loves dogs, the ocean and her mom. 🙂



I Have A Dream


Roses are red

Violets are blue

If you were a flower

I would pick you.


I dream to fly

to touch the sky

in hopes of meeting you…

I then will soar

down to the floor

so I could see you.

unicorn 3

I have a dream

a dream to be free

a dream that we will all be free…

a dream to soar

up to the sky

and be with all my people.

unicorn 2

A look into the magical mind of a 13-year-old. We thank Sydney J. (GirlScout) for allowing us to share her thoughts and imagination.