A SpooKy NiGht

A Spooky Night

By: Alyssa Nicole Livingston

Today is Halloween! Yay!! Omg… I never got my costume. I have been SO busy. I am NEVER going to get my costume. Unless… I make my costume. That would be totally awesome! I am going to need: black and red pants, a black trench coat, black and red paint, and a fake arrow threw my head. I started on my costume, planning everything out. Finally, when it was 8:30pm, I decided to try it on.

I put my pants on, then the coat. I painted black stitches on my mouth and added some red. Then I positioned the arrow on my head.  Hmm… I was missing something. I KNOW! I ran to my mother’s room and got her eyeliner and black eye shadow! I ran into my bathroom then put the eyeliner on, and added black eye shadow around my eyes. Now I WAS scary.  My friends were coming and we all were going to go trick-or-treating together.

It was now 9:00pm, finally. My friends arrived.

“Bye, Mom!” I said smiling.

“Goodbye, sweetie! Remember, home at 11:00pm, okay?” She wanted to be sure I was home on time.

“Yeah, yeah! I know!” I said laughing. I waved my mom goodbye, and then we went to the neighborhood across ours.

We saw many awesome costumes but I was about the only person who made my costume. I saw a haunted house. My friends and I were chicken and did not want to go in it, but we knew LAST year we promised we would this year.

We inched towards the house. We heard screams of terror. We thought to turn back, but I was brave and said, “Let’s go!”

We waited in line until we could enter. As we walked in, I could feel myself getting sick. I was about to chicken out and embarrass my friends. My eyes widened as I saw a monster pop up, I was the only person who screamed. I was so scared! I was shaking so bad, I could not move. Then a mummy popped up in my face, I jumped back and tumbled on my friend. She pushed me off. I was about to run out. Three mintues passed and the room got darker. Pretty soon, it was pitch black. I was very scared.

Suddenly, a monster with red glowing eyes popped out, and moved its arms. I screamed louder than my baby sister does when she plays! I fell back, knocking a clown over, my arms swinging up – tearing down the curtains that hung on the side. I quickly ran while everyone was staring at me. My friend ran after me! I started walking again, we weren’t even halfway through the house!

My friend, Kayla, said, “We all are in this together! We will face this house… all three of us!”  That’s what I love about Kayla – she is always there to cheer me up in the bad times.

We all walked together but now instead of screaming, we were all laughing. Together! And, we were the only group of people NOT causing any trouble!

After the haunted house, we wanted to go again. We walked through the haunted house four more times! After the fifth time, we finally wanted to go trick-or-treating.  But, it was already 10:00pm! We had to get candy, or our moms would be angry! We made it to our tenth house BEFORE 11:00pm! We had SO much fun! Once I got home, I had to wash my face-paint off. I ran upstairs then got a washcloth and soaked it in water.

Then I looked in the mirror and screamed! I saw a light yellow wolf, with red beady eyes. Was that… ME?!?! NO, NO, NO, NO!

Suddenly, I heard laughing, “Pranked ya! Hahahahaha!” I turned around and saw my brother laughing.

“Grrr! You scared me!” I said rolling my eyes.

I started washing the face-paint off- again. Then I glared at my brother and told him no more funny tricks. He then left. I finished washing off my face and took my costume off. Then I put my p-js on.

Happily, I fell asleep. Guess this Halloween was pretty amazing, eh? I want to do it ALL over again !!!

Alyssa Nicole Livingston is 11 years old. She is in the 5th grade, Alyssa loves to draw, read, write stores and act them out. We love her work and are always delighted to share.


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