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God’s Hands

gods hands

Written and Illustrated by 15 year old Brandi M. Brandi loves poetry and art and plans on majoring in art when she is old enough to attend college. She also loves dogs, the ocean and her mom. 🙂


Teen Haikus



I like to eat pie

It’s warm and sweet aroma

Makes tastebuds go wild

By: Alex R., 13 years old – aside from pie, Alex also likes sushi, basketball and food in general!



I love my cellphone

My friends text me very much

My phone is my life

By: Gabby L., 15 years old – aside from her cellphone, Gabby also likes money, pickles and, of course, her friends. 

Love a Dog


I would love a dog

Because they are fun and cute

They are so playful

By: Brandie M., 14 years old – aside from dogs, Brandie also loves her mom and God.


Dragon Art

Kai Dong's Dragon Flying in the Mountains

“Dragon Flying in the Mountains” by Kai D, 10 years old

Kai loves dragons, elephants and  cheetahs; geography, playing violin and riding his bike. He says, “I like to build with LEGOS because they are fun and easy to take apart.” This creative and enterprising  young talent is also writing a book entitled, “Claws of the Sky”.


I Have A Dream


Roses are red

Violets are blue

If you were a flower

I would pick you.


I dream to fly

to touch the sky

in hopes of meeting you…

I then will soar

down to the floor

so I could see you.

unicorn 3

I have a dream

a dream to be free

a dream that we will all be free…

a dream to soar

up to the sky

and be with all my people.

unicorn 2

A look into the magical mind of a 13-year-old. We thank Sydney J. (GirlScout) for allowing us to share her thoughts and imagination. 

Marble Dog Recipe


  • 1 Shape Bowl
  • 1 Lock of dog fur
  • 1 loaf of marble rye bread
  • 2 each of puppy kisses
  • 3 pounds of fun


  1. Put 3 pounds of FUN in the bowl
  2. Add the 2 ounces of puppy kisses
  3. Add 1 loaf of rye bread to the mixture in the bowl
  4. Throw in 1 lock of dog fur
  5. Mix well
  6. It explodes and says…

“It’s alive!”


How adorable is this? Madison contributed this as a GirlScout 3 years ago. That makes her now 13 and in junior high (middle school). Thank you, Madison!!


My pet is a dog. His name is Toby.

 He likes to play and he is really friendly. He gets really excited when new people come to our house and he jumps on them a lot and sometimes, people get scared of him a lot.

Sophia Liy

This adorable piece was written and illustrated by Sophia L. at age 6. The imaginations never cease to amaze us. There is just so much going on in those little heads!
At the time, Sophia was a Brownie. Her troop was a member of the GirlScouts of Southeast Florida. We thank Sophia’s mom, Melanie, for allowing us to share this piece.

Do you have child that loves to write and draw? Send them our way. We’ll do what we can to help promote and encourage them…

Cloud Foxes

cloud fox turned

Cloud foxes were never actually discovered in the wild, but my pet Cloud fox, Cloudy, told me a lot about them and her childhood. Cloud foxes can float in the air because of their light weight:  – 200 grams! They are extremely fluffy and sooo cute! In fact, their cuteness makes hungry predators want to eat something else!

Cloud foxes come in mostly light colors: yellow, pink, white, lime green, pale blue, gray, silver, and golden. One of the most interesting facts is that they put their own saliva on their heads so they can hang onto trees! Cloudy says that she doesn’t know why; she just craves to do that for some reason.

Cloud foxes have not been seen much ,but a yellow one, named Nina was found wandering around Egypt in 1,000 B.C. in a pyramid .The most exciting part of her life is when a little Egyptian girl found her buried in the sand after a bad storm. She asked her mom if she could keep it. And until the girl was about 80, they did everything together.

Some people think Cloud foxes are good luck. In China, they are thought of as magical creatures that can grant wishes. In Canada, they are known to be a sign to restaurant owners that they will earn lots of money. If one crosses your path in India and you’re very poor, that means that you will become very famous!

greta cloud fox turnedIf you try to surprise or capture a cloud fox, it starts to cry. It starts to look really cute and sad. It makes you feel really bad for it and you start to cry. It makes you let it free.

Well, now I think you’ve learned a lot about cloudfoxes. Good bye for now. And remember, even though they don’t exist, you can still believe that they are real!

By: Greta Reichenbach

Greta was just 8 years old when she wrote this charming story, which was published in our sister magazine, ScreaminMamas. We were so enthralled, we actually thought Cloud Foxes were real! She transported us… wonderfully done! Greta is now in the 5th grade.


Ramblings of the Mind

Raquel Drawing

YA Fantasy Art

Raquel is a 2nd year college student who is a whiz at math and loves art, music, nature and animals. She is also a huge fan of stand-up comedy and Sherlock Holmes. We love the whimsy that Raquel brings to this illustration, pushing the boundaries and stepping outside the comfort zone. We are so glad we searched our archives to find this.

I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities.” – Dr. Seuss