God’s Hands

gods hands

Written and Illustrated by 15 year old Brandi M. Brandi loves poetry and art and plans on majoring in art when she is old enough to attend college. She also loves dogs, the ocean and her mom. 🙂



Teen Haikus



I like to eat pie

It’s warm and sweet aroma

Makes tastebuds go wild

By: Alex R., 13 years old – aside from pie, Alex also likes sushi, basketball and food in general!



I love my cellphone

My friends text me very much

My phone is my life

By: Gabby L., 15 years old – aside from her cellphone, Gabby also likes money, pickles and, of course, her friends. 

Love a Dog


I would love a dog

Because they are fun and cute

They are so playful

By: Brandie M., 14 years old – aside from dogs, Brandie also loves her mom and God.

I Have A Dream


Roses are red

Violets are blue

If you were a flower

I would pick you.


I dream to fly

to touch the sky

in hopes of meeting you…

I then will soar

down to the floor

so I could see you.

unicorn 3

I have a dream

a dream to be free

a dream that we will all be free…

a dream to soar

up to the sky

and be with all my people.

unicorn 2

A look into the magical mind of a 13-year-old. We thank Sydney J. (GirlScout) for allowing us to share her thoughts and imagination. 


By: Alyssa Livingston

Her eyes were a black oblivion
Emotionless and boring as she spoke
Her mood was always blank,
Just like an inelegant piece of paper.
Little did others know,
Her heart spiraled down
Into a deep, dark abyss
It shattered,
All of her passion and warmth slowly drained out.

Grey she was.
Gloomy and divergent
Broken and dejected
Living in dismay, and misery
Wanting to yelp for help,
But never once made a sound.
She was hushed as the stygian night
She was casted away like a shadow
And isolated like an unspoken word

She attempts to hide her emotions,
Like hiding behind the curtain of a stage.
Behind the stage of society
However, she fails often
Tears start to stain her baby soft cheeks
Her heart starts to badly ache by the grief she felt
And she was reunited with her former friend, loneliness

Her expression was no longer emotionless,
It was covered with pure depression,
It possessed her

Yet her breaking down moment only happened rarely,
Only if she couldn’t withstand the pain
Dejection and misery controlled her emotions.

Grey she was
Gloomy and divergent
Broken and dejected
Living in dismay, and misery
Yet this time
A light had slowly started to spark.